Four pillars of TCM diagnosis

Diagnosis by Looking (Observation) Observing and tuning in to a patient's Shen (spirit) is particularly important to help determine the overal state and prognosis of...

Chinese Medical Classics

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, or Internal Classic for short, whose author is unknown, is the earliest medical classic in...

How One Company Brought Traditional Chinese Medicine To The Modern World And Made Billions

The aerosol cans rolling along an assembly line at a Yunnan Baiyao factory in southwest China tell you everything you need to know about...

Gain Energy & Improve Overall Health with Traditional Chinese Herbs

Since 2015, China’s goals to achieve a majority of health targets have already met the U.N.’s objective for 2030. Such goals include reducing the...

My Mission to Record the History of China’s Leper Colonies

Due to medical advances, the number of Chinese living with leprosy has declined dramatically, but the struggles and stories of earlier generations of patients...

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Chinese medicine is a rich medical system that has existed in some form for more than 3,000 years. The earliest found writings – on...

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