Gain Energy & Improve Overall Health with Traditional Chinese Herbs

Since 2015, China’s goals to achieve a majority of health targets have already met the U.N.’s objective for 2030. Such goals include reducing the...

Health Starts with the Mind(1)

Confucius said, “Once a person reaches his fifties, he shall know about the law of heavens.” This means everyone has his own fate. Our body, this...

The simple philosophy of yin and yang

The Chinese terms yīn and yáng are linguistically analyzable in terms of Chinese characters, pronunciations and etymology, meanings, topography, and loanwords. The Traditional Chinese characters 陰 and...

Wu Xing: Five Elements

The Wu Xing (Chinese: 五行), also known as the Five Elements, Five Phases, the Five Agents, the Five Movements, Five Processes, the Five Steps/Stages...

Traditional Chinese Medicine in general

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM 中医 Zhōngyī) is a style of traditional Asian medicine informed by modern medicine but built on a foundation of more than 2,500...

Zhang Zhongjing

Zhang Zhongjing (Chinese: 張仲景; 150—219), formal name Zhang Ji (张机), was an Eastern Han dynasty physician and one of the most eminent Chinese physicians...

Health starts from mind (2)

As a human being, no one can avoid birth, old age, sickness, and death. Children going to school, adults going to work; family life, in...

Four pillars of TCM diagnosis

Diagnosis by Looking (Observation) Observing and tuning in to a patient's Shen (spirit) is particularly important to help determine the overal state and prognosis of...

Eight principles of diagnosis

The process of determining which actual pattern is on hand is called 辩证 ( biàn zhèng, usually translated as "pattern diagnosis", "pattern identification" or "pattern discrimination"). Generally,...

How One Company Brought Traditional Chinese Medicine To The Modern World And Made Billions

The aerosol cans rolling along an assembly line at a Yunnan Baiyao factory in southwest China tell you everything you need to know about...

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