Fragments of Confucian Lore

On The Order of Things On Truth and Sincerity On Virtue and Moral Courage On Heaven and the Spiritual On the Path -...

I Ching Translated by James Legge

I Ching (Yi Jing, the Book of Changes) was translated by Dr. James Legge of Oxford University in 1882. Introduction ☴ ☱ The Yi Jing (Book of Changes)...

From the Tract of the Quiet Way, Yin Chih Wen

Introduction Below are extracted ideas and concerns, mainly from the original foreword. Selections and arrangement are by TK. Below is The Quiet Way, Yin Chih Wen, with...

Chuang Tzu – translations by Lin Yutang

Free and Easy Wandering The fish of the north was changed into a bird so that it could start for the south In the northern ocean...

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