Dating Chinese Women: 12 Ways to Gain an Advantage

Dating Chinese women may not be as easy as you think—so here are 12 great articles which will help you get that key advantage...

In Indonesia, Chinese Deity Is Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest

A 100-foot statue depicting a Chinese deity was covered with an enormous sheet this past weekend in East Java Province, Indonesia, after Muslims threatened to...

When Young Chinese Ask, “What’s Your Sign?” They Don’t Mean Dragon or Rat

China, the birthplace of the Chinese zodiac and some of the world's oldest and most sophisticated fortunetelling techniques, has a new obsession: Western astrology. What...

How Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Became an Enemy of the State

Ai Weiwei's provocative art has gotten him harassed by police, thrown in detention and driven out of China. But in order to be relevant,...

Harvard China Forum kicks off as experts call for enhanced China-U.S. cooperation

The 20th Harvard China Forum (HCF) kicked off in Boston Friday, as international relations experts called for enhanced China-U.S. cooperation in the future. Themed "Sharing...

‘Bringing stories together’: 14 China-Australia film co-productions announced in Beijing

A delegation of Australian film industry leaders visiting Beijing have announced a series of new feature film co-productions between Australia and China. The collaborations...

‘Chappypie China Time’ plans appear to disintegrate as Central Coast Council seeks urgent meeting

Sydney residents wanting to experience the majesty of imperial China may have to continue to travel further than Wyong, following the seeming disintegration of...

Singapore holds off competition from China to scoop Asia’s top university title

Asia's best colleges were announced Thursday and for the second year in a row, Singapore has emerged top of the table. The National University of...

Chinese family values in Australia

by Anita S. Mak and Helen Chan Chinese settlement in Australia has a long history, beginning soon after the discovery of gold in Australia in...

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