Jia Baoyu and the Twelve Beauties of Jinling

Jia Baoyu (simplified Chinese: 贾宝玉; traditional Chinese: 賈寶玉; pinyin: Jiǎ Bǎoyù; Wade–Giles: Chia Pao-yu; Meaning: Precious Jade) The main protagonist is about 12 or...

10 Greatest Chinese Love Stories Ever

What on earth is love that makes lovers vow to stick together in life and death? Below are the top 10 widespread ancient Chinese love...

Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology

The Eight Immortals (八仙) are a group of legendary immortals in Chinese mythology. Each immortal's power can be transferred to a power tool (法器)...

Lin Daiyu

Lin Daiyu (林黛玉; Pinyin: Lín Dàiyù) is one of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin's classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She...

Literature about the Yellow Crane Tower

The yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan City is top of the four most famous ancient towers or pavilions in China. The following two poems...

Life Stories of Lu Dongbin

Lü Dongbin (呂洞賓, born 796) was a Tang Dynasty Chinese scholar and poet who has been elevated to the status of an immortal in the Chinese...

Spring River in the Flower Moon Night

Zhang Ruoxu (張若虛) was a Chinese poet of the early Tang dynasty from Yangzhou in modern Jiangsu province. He is best known for "Spring...

The Story of Lady Meng Jiang

Lady Meng Jiang or Meng Jiang Nü (孟姜女), is a Chinese tale, with many variations. Later versions are set in the Qin dynasty, when...

Traditional Chinese music: instruments and tuning

Many traditional instruments underwent changes in the early to mid 20th century which has a profound effect on the performance and sound of Chinese...

China taking on Wikipedia with its own online encyclopaedia

More than 20,000 scholars involved in country’s biggest publication project. China has employed tens of thousands of scholars to write an internet version of its...

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