The Dream of the Red Chamber: translation in the west

It is a major challenge to translate Cao's prose, which utilizes many levels of colloquial and literary language and incorporates forms of classic poetry...

Shadow Play

The shadow play is a typical traditional entertainment that has survived and thrived over the centuries. It is also one of the earliest arts...

Concubine Yang Guifei and her love story

The affair of the last Tang emperor in China and his beautiful concubine, Yang Guifei (Yang Kwei-fei) was the great love story of the...

Art and Culture

All culture and art come from the dust and return to the dust. At the beginning of the chaos, those pieces of dust, with conscience and...

Health Starts with the Mind(1)

Confucius said, “Once a person reaches his fifties, he shall know about the law of heavens.” This means everyone has his own fate. Our body, this...

The dancing damas: China’s ‘square dancers’ take society by storm

These "damas" move in unison in everything they do – from dancing and travelling in groups to making joint investments in properties By He Huifeng They...

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