Oracle bone script

Oracle bone script (甲骨文) was the form of Chinese characters used on oracle bones—animal bones or turtle plastrons used in pyromantic divination—in the late 2nd millennium BCE, and is the earliest known...

UN celebrates Chinese Language Day with calligraphy show, cultural performances

"If you can speak Chinese and can write Chinese characters, you can get to know China better," Stephen A. Orlins, an expert on U.S.-China...

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a classic national symbol of Chinese traditional cultural art in the past five thousand years history. Chinese calligraphy is written by...

Four Treasures of the Study

Four Treasures of the Study is an expression used to denote the brush, ink, paper and ink stone used in Chinese and other East Asian...

Introducing the Most Famous Chinese Calligrapher in History

In ancient China, painting and calligraphy were the most highly appreciated arts in court circles and were produced almost exclusively by amateurs, aristocrats and...

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