China’s rebel generation and the rise of “hot words”

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most complex languages in the world. Opening a Chinese dictionary, you find around 370,000 words. That's more than...

Chinese celebrity ‘academies’ are turning young women’s internet fame into profit

How would you like to earn millions by flaunting your lifestyle on social media? Key points: China's 'internet celebrity economy' is expected to surpass $21...

Under Siege review – aesthetic triumph as historic Chinese battle danced to vivid life

Thousands of scissors hang from the ceiling. At first, it feels like the canopy of a strange, silvery forest. It seems to breathe –...

China’s history by the communist full of traps and contradictions

What happened in China in 1949? Was it “liberation” (解放) from a corrupt regime and two centuries of foreign domination? Or was it a...

The Grave of “China’s Shakespeare” Has Been Found

One of 42 Ming-era graves unearthed in Fuzhou is believed to belong to Tang Xianzu, who penned ‘The Peony Pavilion’. Archaeologists in China’s Jiangxi Province...

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