Want More Traditional Chinese Fare? Panda Express Says: Give Us A Try

While many Americans are familiar with dishes like egg foo young, there are Chinese-American and Chinese immigrant communities throughout the country where foods like...

China’s Forbidden City treasures now for the masses

BEIJING — At China’s five century old Forbidden City in the heart of Beijing, 16 million visitors a year navigate through its numerous halls...

Chinese food and dining etiquette

Food in Daily Life (Edited from www. everyculture.com) Rice is the dietary staple in most of the country. In the north and the west, where...

Chopsticks and table manners

Since chopsticks (and spoons) are used in place of forks and knives, Chinese cuisine tends to serve dishes in bite-size pieces or employ cooking...

Manchu Han Imperial Feast

Manhan Quanxi, literally Manchu Han Imperial Feast, was one of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese cuisine. It consisted of at least 108 unique...

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