Kunming culture highlights

Kunming, reputedly "Spring City", is endowed with time honored history, favorable climate as well as profound culture. The magnificent Stone Forest, fragrant flowers, amazing...

Chinese City With a Russian Past Struggles to Preserve Its Legacy

HARBIN, China — When he first arrived in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin in 1984 to attend university, Bu Chong was stunned to...

Tibetan culture and traditions

The immense plateau of Tibet is sparsely populated and they are mainly categorized as Drogpas(Nomads) and Shingpas(Farmers), due the its geographical and natural condition,...

Unesco heritage listing sparks Tibetan resettlement fears

Tibetan rights groups have criticised the UN's cultural body for listing a plateau in China as a Unesco World Heritage site. They say the move...

Chinese Ethnic Groups: Bai Minority

Population and Location of the Bai Ethnic Minority There are approximately 185,800 people who’s nationality is Bai. This population lives primarily in the following areas:...

Chinese ethnic groups: Naxi Minority

General Information With a rough population of 320,000, the ethnic group of Nakhi, or Naxi mainly inhabit in Yunnan Province in southern China. The largest...

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