Concubine Yang Guifei and her love story

The affair of the last Tang emperor in China and his beautiful concubine, Yang Guifei (Yang Kwei-fei) was the great love story of the...

Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s G20 concert serenades world leaders with ‘global language’ of music

A Chinese choir serenaded world leaders during a lakeside concert on Sunday night after the start of the Group of 20 summit in Hangzhou. Held...

Chinese music: The Red Plum Blossoms

In the early 20th century after the end of Imperial China, there were major changes to traditional Chinese music as part of the New...

Chinese Composer Plays From Rural Roots to Serenade Oscars, Golden Lions

At the turn of the millennium, the surprise blockbuster hit Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon took American and European awards shows by storm. For Tan...

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