Chinese ritual bronzes

Bronzes are some of the most important pieces of ancient Chinese art. The Chinese Bronze Age began in the Xia Dynasty (ca. 2070 – ca. 1600 BC), and bronze...

China’s Red Collectors

Chairman Mao Zedong remains ever visible in contemporary China. He is printed on money, his image overlooks Tiananmen Square, and keepsakes from his era...

Chinese silk: how is it made?

Silk is a delicately woven product made from the protein fibers of the mulberry silkworm cocoon. Silk production is a lengthy process that needs...

Chinese Lacquerware

Lacquer ware refers to using lacquer to paint on the surface of wares or artwork. Lacquer ware is a special product of China. Raw...

Chinese knot

Chinese Knot(Chinese:中国结) is a decorative handicraft that began as a folk art in Tang and Song Dynasties, and became popular in Ming and Qing...

Chinese Fan

China has its profound fan culture, which has the close relationship with the bamboo culture and Buddhism. It is hard to say the exact...

Traditional Chinese Furniture

Chinese Antique Cabinets Cabinets in the China’s history are mainly used to store things in daily life, just as the same function of wardrobe at...

Chinese embroidery

Chinese embroidery has a long history since the Neolithic age. Because of the quality of silk fibre, most Chinese fine embroideries are made in...

Chinese cloisonne

Chinese cloisonné is amongst the best known enamel cloisonné in the world. Cloisonné, also called copper padding thread weaving enamel, is a kind of traditional...

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