Beijing in the late Qing Dynasty 1909 (by Albert Kahn)

Old film featuring the life in Beijing during the late Qing Dynastry in 1909, taken by foreign visitor Albert Kahn.

Moving of the Riverside Scene at Chingming Festival

The scroll is 25.5 centimeters (10.03 inches) in height and 5.25 meters (5.74 yards) long. In its length there are 814 humans, 28 boats,...

Chinese variety art

Chinese variety art (杂技艺术) refers to a wide range of acrobatic acts, balancing acts and other demonstrations of physical skill traditionally performed by a troupe in China. Many of...

Arts in ceramics and porcelains of Ming Dynasty

The period of Ming Dynasty was also renowned for its ceramics and porcelains. The major production center for porcelain was the imperial kilns at...

China’s Lantern Festival 2019 : colorful lanterns

Celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, the Lantern Festival traditionally marks the end of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) period. It's Tuesday,...

Chinese New Year Taboos

The Spring Festival is a time of celebration. It’s to welcome the new year with a smile and let the fortune and happiness continue...

Chinese ritual bronzes

Bronzes are some of the most important pieces of ancient Chinese art. The Chinese Bronze Age began in the Xia Dynasty (ca. 2070 – ca. 1600 BC), and bronze...

In Search of the Real Thing: China’s Quest to Buy Back Its Lost Heritage

LONDON — Perceptions of the art market can often be shaped by the huge prices paid for work by the West’s most famous painters...

China’s Red Collectors

Chairman Mao Zedong remains ever visible in contemporary China. He is printed on money, his image overlooks Tiananmen Square, and keepsakes from his era...

Attractive Chinese Girls are Everywhere Across the Country, and the World

Attractive Chinese girls are everywhere you look… in China, in the US and in most overseas cities where there is an established Chinese population. Yet,...

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