Wang Changling (王昌齡; 698–756) was a major Tang dynasty poet. His courtesy name was Shaobo (少伯).

Wang was originally from Taiyuan in present-day Shanxi province, according to the editors of the Three Hundred Tang Poems, although other sources claim that he was actually from Jiangning near modern-day Nanjing. After passing the prestigious jinshi examination, he became a secretarial official and later held other imperial positions, including that of an official posting to Sishui (汜水), in what is currently Xingyang, in Henan province.

Near the end of his life he was appointed as a minister of Jiangning county. He died in the An Lushan Rebellion.

Wang is best known for his poems describing battles in the frontier regions of western China. He also wrote an homage to the Princess Pingyang, Lady Warrior of the early Tang Dynasty. Wang Changling was one of the competitors in the famous wine shop competition along with Gao Shi and Wang Zhihuan.

Yoshitoshi illustrating one of Wang Changling’s poems.

Example: Out of the Country’s Border (出塞).

The bright moon is the same as it was in the Qin Dynasty, the border pass also the same as it was in the Han Dynasty.

I have come back after a long march of one thousand miles, but many of my fellow warriors were not able to make their way home as me.

I hope that we have a general like Li Guang of the Han Dynasty who was good at shooting to guard against the intruders at the Dragon City.

If that is the case, we shall never let the nomadic horses passing over the Yinshan Mountain.

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