The world ruled by dogs may seem like an impracticable utopia for canine lovers, but in China they have turned that doggy dream into a reality.

It’s called Dog Carrying Day, an annual event which involves worshipping a dog dressed up in human clothes (yes, you did just read that).

Miao people carry one lucky dog in a sedan chair on dog carrying day, a traditional local festival, in Jianhe in China’s southwestern Guizhou province.

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Local villagers dress the dapper dog in a bespoke shirt and hat to show respect for all creatures at the festival.

They carry the canine, sitting comfortably on a throne supported by bamboo sticks, across a rice paddy to the sound of a beating drum.

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So how did quite possibly the world’s best festival start? It’s all to do with an ancient tale about a hero dog that apparently saved the village’s first settlers.

The legend has it that a heaven-sent dog stopped them from dying of thirst by leading them to a water source, the South Morning China Post reports.

So while dog meat is considered a delicacy in some parts of China, they are clearly more highly regarded in Jianhe.



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