Dating Chinese women may not be as easy as you think—so here are 12 great articles which will help you get that key advantage in your quest for the perfect Chinese woman; someone who, someday, may well be your new Chinese Wife!

Dating any woman is always a highly fraught experience, especially so the first few dates; so how do you cope with dating your new found Chinese girlfriend? How do you successfully progress along the dating journey with a woman from another country, another continent?
You know how it is… either at the shopping centre or at an event, or more likely these days, on-line you’ve met a potential Chinese girlfriend. The initial nervous discussion, the initial shyness and, perhaps, even awkwardness, slowly begins to turn into a realisation that, perhaps…, maybe…, possibly…, here is someone who meets your requirements, matches your expectations of what a woman should be; of how a woman should look and behave.

Matters progress nicely and, after a while, you arrange to meet (or meet again) your new Chinese girlfriend for a date… oh-oh, a four letter word that can send chills into the heart of most men. A date with an attractive Chinese woman…, aargh, help!
You may be well experienced in dating women from your own race and culture, but dating a Chinese woman, someone who may well, if things go right, become your new Chinese wife, is likely to a whole new situation, a whole new experience.

It’s a time to be permanently on your best behaviour and you certainly don’t want any of that cross-cultural chaos which sometimes strikes at new “datees”. It’s a time to try and impress her; time to listen and share things that you have in common with your new love. So, take your time to learn and absorb as much as you can about, amongst other things, your new Chinese girlfriend’s family background and structure, upbringing, beliefs, culture, language, morals, likes and dislikes, “yes-yes’s” and “no-no’s” and so on…

Oh dear, all sounds quite daunting, we know; but fear not… the good news is that we are here to help…. we are here to work with you through the issues mentioned above (and more).

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort in putting together this website, and offering a wide variety of informative articles within, in order to help you chart a smooth course along the pathway of not only finding Asian women to date, but maybe even marry.
We cover a wide range of topics that we know you want to hear about, topics which really can improve the way your relationship develops; topics which have been gleaned from our reader’s real life experiences. So, sit back and relax and take your time to browse through our site; read on and enjoy!

1. For all “newbies”: a must read “starter kit” for dating Chinese women

  • Introduction to finding a Chinese wife

So you dazzled at Nini´s charm in the movie The Flowers of War, found yourself strangely distracted by Qi Shu´s beauty amidst all the action in The Transporter and now you have decided that you want to find a Chinese bride or Chinese girlfriend of your own? The good news is that it has never been easier to find a Chinese wife. With the opening of China to the world, more and more Chinese people are looking to learn English or can already speak it very well. If you are in China, you will have no problem finding women that will be glad to practice their English with you, giving you a serious advantage. If you are not in China, your future Chinese wife might be already waiting for you in one of the many language exchange websites out there. Not to mention that in the last few years, the financial situation of the Chinese people has improved substantially, making it possible for many Chinese travelers to go abroad and be in closer contact with the western world.

Although finding a Chinese wife sounds like an attractive and exotic idea now, you should be aware that sharing your lifewith someone from a distinct culture can be a long and windy road. The positive aspect of it, though, is that with a little help these difficulties can be overcome. The truth is that Chinese women make great wives and many western men have already fallen for their charms.
Asian women, in general, have always been the cause of much curiosity among western men, but this aura of mystery seems to be particularly dense around the Chinese girl.

The key to finding and leading a happy life with your Asian bride is understanding her mindset and rich cultural background. Your future Chinese wife will have very simple needs and expectations, but the way she will go about expressing themmight be beyond your comprehension.Learning how to interpret the signs that she will give out is your best bet at success. If you are completely new to the Chinese world and Chinese culture, there is one very important thing to keep in mind: Chinese people are NOT all the same!If you are an expat living in China, you may already have noticed this; however most western people still remain ignorant to this fact. How and why Chinese people differ from one another will be the topic of a future discussion. For now, keep in mind that the way your future Chinese wife thinks, will almost always be intrinsically connected with her region of origin.

One of the most attractive things about the Chinese woman is her innocent and sometimes fragile look. While most western girls will rely on their physical features to attract men, Chinese women will almost always break you down with a glance. They tend to be much more reserved and will call out to you in some very discrete ways, which will almost always begin with a quick shy glance.

Many foreigners, who have been to China, will agree that meeting Chinese women is a rather easy task. These days, a lot of Asian women are on the lookout for foreign men, which brings us to a very important factor. Before going out there to look for your Chinese wife, be sure toevaluate your own character first. While language and culture will almost always change from country to country, character will not. Making sure that your Chinese wife has been brought up with the same principles as you will eventually be the foundation of your relationship.

In the coming articles we will take a closer look at the Chinese mindset and discuss some potential pitfalls that you should be aware of. As our discussion continues, we will take a quick glimpse at Chinese society and find out what are some of the most common expectations, which you will have to deal with. Finally, in order to make your Chinese wife happy, you will have to get along with her family. Dealing with Chinese parents is a whole other ball game, which we will break down further along the way. For now, good luck with your search.

  • Are Chinese Girls Easy?

One question that gets asked the most is: are Chinese girls easy? Most people will not ask that directly, but they will rephrase it by asking how Chinese girls are, if Chinese girls like foreigners or if they will be able to find a Chinese girlfriend easily. There is no easy way to go around this question, so the best way to proceed is just to expose how it really is.

So… are Chinese girls easy? The answer is yes. They are easy, but it will depend very much on the type of foreigner you are. The truth is that if you are black, Indian or any other type of dark skin race, then you are in disadvantage. One of the main reasons why this is so, is that in China the darker your skin is the lower the class you are. At least this seems to be the common conception, since only field workers and farmers would have their skin tanned by the sun. In China, it is considered beautiful to have fair skin and most girls will avoid walking unprotected under the sun.

If you are a lighter skin foreigner or especially if you are white, then you will definitely find it very easy to find a Chinese girlfriend. Unfortunately the main reasons why almost always have to do with money or getting a passport. China is a very special place, but unfortunately being on a Chinese passport doesn´t really allow you to go anywhere without having to go through the hassle of acquiring visas and special permissions. Having a western passport opens up a whole lot of new travel possibilities. Another reason why it is easier for white men to find Chinese girlfriends is the fact that white people have an appearance which greatly differs from the Chinese appearance. Many Chinese girls dream of having larger eyes and taller noses, which are very prominent characteristics of white people. Just like Asians are considered exotic in western countries, white people are considered very much exotic in China. Curiosity plays a large role in a Chinese girl´s interest in a foreign man. Chinese women are used to seeing men with black hair and black eyes all day long, so when someone with blond hair and light colored eyes suddenlycomes along, then they will definitely attract a lot of attention.

It is very easy to get into a relationship with a Chinese girl, but maintaining the relationship will probably be the largest patience test you will ever take. Chinese girls are incredibly jealous and clingy. Even if you are not doing anything out of the ordinary, they might still inquire you about your whereabouts; go through your messages and what not.

If you are an honest guy, looking for a serious stable relationship with a Chinese girl, then you are in luck, because chances are that is exactly what they want as well. Most Chinese women will already start talking about marriage within the first months of relationship and since in China getting married young is the proper thing to do; it is even easier for older men to find younger women willing to marry them. Many Chinese girls are attracted to older men, since they directly associate age with experience and financial stability.

Although being in a relationship with a Chinese girl requires some patience and understanding, they will always reattribute by caring for you, preparing you some of the most amazing dishes you will ever taste and making sacrifices in pro of your relationship. In general, Chinese women, like any other women, are a great mystery that all men will always study, but never quite fully understand.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Chinese girlfriend?

When I first met my sweet Chinese girlfriend, she was just the sweetest and kindest human being I had ever encountered. I remember looking at her for the very first time as she glanced back at me through her small black frame glasses. Most of all, I remember how cute she looked walking up and down the university campus in her little furry winter boots. Since then, we have been many things: friends, colleagues and finally couple (not necessary in that order). It´s now been two years since the night we first met at a birthday dinner in Shanghai, but no matter how much time we spend together, she still manages to surprise (and scare) the hell out of me. Don´t get me wrong, I love my Chinese girlfriend. She is my friend, my mother, my hobby and recently also my nine to five.

The best thing about being with a Chinese woman, is that she will make you discover skills, which you never, in your life, thought you could possess. I myself work in the automotive engineering industry and before I began working in this industry, I actually worked a lot with computers and software engineering. So, as you can see, I am a really big fan of technology and never would have guessed that I could end up being a part-time butler.

In the one year that we have been officially together, I can´t seriously remember one day in which she didn´t have at least one little chore for me to fulfill. These tasks go from translating emails, to doing little household chores, to giving her foot massages. My personal favorite task, is when she waits for me to lay down on the bed and tuck myself in, before saying: Honey, you forgot to get “us” some water. It seems, the more intimate we get, the more time I have been investing in my Majordomo career. I am now seriously thinking about buying myself a black tuxedo and changing my name to James.

Don´t you dare misinterpret me! I am not complaining about my Chinese girl. I am simply telling you all the great advantages of having an oriental princess by your side. In this world there is no sweet without the sour and sometimes my relationship with my Chinese girlfriend can get pretty sour. Talking about sour… I hate fruit! I hate it. I know it´s weird, but I don´t eat fruit. I enjoy vegetables, but not fruit! Now here is where the disadvantages of having a China girl comes into play. After my girlfriend found out I didn´t eat any fruit, my refrigerator was always packed with strawberries. And if that wasn´t enough, she would use her sweet little face to convince me to eat 3 strawberries a day! And after she noticed that I always picked the smaller sized ones, she made it her personal priority to pick the strawberries for me. Guess which ones she picked? That, my friends, is what I call Chinese torture! Those Communists really know their trade, don´t they?

Another thing that Chinese women love to do is to make you carry stuff you never needed before! The weather here in northern Germany can get really nasty, I admit. I have lost count of how many times I arrived home soaking wet! Well…ever since my girlfriend moved in, I have forgotten what it is like to feel that refreshing freezing rain dripping all over my head! Every time it begins to pour, I now seem to have a brand new umbrella magically appearing in my bag!

I guess I should stop complaining and close this article by telling you about the number one disadvantage of living with a Chinese girl. The biggest disadvantage of having a Chinese woman in your life has got to be the food! Ever since I moved in with my girl, I haven´t been able to lose any weight! Ever! All those dishes she (sometimes) prepares, have always gotten me craving for more! Not to mention the fact that every time I get sick, she will always serve me some miracle witch soup and the next day I am as good as new! I haven´t been able to call in sick for months!!!

2. Dating Chinese girls online—avoid the most common mistakes!

  • How can I find a Chinese girlfriend online?

In the past two decades, the World Wide Web has drastically reconfigured the way we work and communicate with each other. What once used to take days to get done can now be accomplished with a click of the mouse. The efficiency of this brave new digital world has led many people to give up the way they were used to doing things in the real world and embrace a new virtual lifestyle.

Online dating is probably one of the best examples of how the internet can help diminish distances and bring people together. So if you are looking for a Chinese girlfriend, but don´t have the time or resources to actually go to China, then the internet will be a great place for you to start looking. In fact, there are several ways you can use the internet in order to find a Chinese wife or girlfriend. The easiest and most straight forward way to get started is to simply search for pen pal websites and other social networks. These portals, usually allow you to narrow your search by country and age, making it more convenient for you to locate the Chinese girl of your dreams. Another advantage of this method is that you will almost always gain access to user profiles, which will reveal all you need to know about their preferences and their looks. Be aware of fake profiles and never give out sensitive information about yourself.

If you want to communicate well with your future Chinese girlfriend, you will need to be familiar with some of the tools she is using to communicate in the internet. Because the Chinese internet is restricted when it comes to accessing foreign systems, they have developed their own versions of instant messengers, social networks and online communities. One great way to start interacting with the Chinese online community is by downloading yourself a fresh copy of QQ International or using your existing Hotmail account to create a profile on Weibo. In case you are not familiar with neither of them, QQ is China´s most popular instant messenger and Weibo is the Chinese version of Twitter. One great feature of QQ is that it will allow you to search for contacts and filter results by age, gender and region. You may also make yourself available for voice and video chats.

If you have an iOS or an Android System, you should definitely try out WeChat (or Weixin) as well as the mobile version of QQ. The advantage of WeChat, is that it will allow you to leave voice clips to your Chinese girl and make sure she wakes up every day to the sound of your voice. Both WeChat and QQ Mobile, have a unique radar feature, which will allow you to actually scan for chat partners around your area. So if you are in China and you are single, this is a great way to go around hunting for that very special Chinese girl of your dreams. Even if you are outside of China, this might be a great way to meet single Chinese women living abroad.

Last, but not least, you should definitely give RenRen a try. Ren Ren is the Chinese version of Facebook and it has a very familiar look and feel. It is also home to millions of profiles, which can be searched by gender, company or educational institution. This is particularly handy if you are a student in a Chinese university or an expat working in China and want to know a little bit more about that very special Chinese girl you have been flirting with during the lunch hours.

One issue to keep in mind is that apart from QQ International, most of these systems don´t offer an English version. Creating a profile in Chinese might be a challenge for non-chinese speakers, but even this obstacle can be overcome with the right tool. Simply use a light-weight browser, like Google Chrome, capable of translating web pages on the fly.

Now that you know where to look, download the tools you need today and go reach out to your future Chinese girlfriend!

  • Dating Chinese Girls Online – Identifying Fake Profiles

If you are searching for a Chinese girl, then you probably have already come across the huge amount of dating sites out there. Almost all matchmaking websites are the same: they promise long lasting love and display beautiful young Chinese women who are just eager to meet you! Although there is some true love in matchmaking sites, there is also a large amount of professional gold diggers who have greatly contributed to denigrate the image of the Chinese girl.

Now, these women are not really entirely to blame for your mishaps. As a matter of fact, they are just there and in order for them to come in, you actually have to open the door. We are all men and like all human males, we have our ego. We like to believe that we still “have it”, although many of the guys who resort to these sites have their best years already behind them. At this point, it might not be clear why the topic of male ego has suddenly popped up, but in the following paragraphs it will make all the difference.

Every man dreams of having a beautiful woman by their side and it is only natural that when visiting dating sites, you might find yourself filtering only the very best. The drill is always the same: Filter for age and select only girls with photo, right? After that is done you quickly scroll down a list of profiles and guide yourself by the looks on the pictures. Before you know it, you have dozens of new tabs opened with profiles of girls which you can easily imagine yourself in bed with. The problem with this strategy is that scammers know it too.

Before you even start contacting women in one of these sites, you should take a few moments and be honest with yourself. Do you honestly believe that a woman who looks like Fan BingBing (Go Google “Fan Bing Bing”) will be in a second class dating website looking for you?! Well, your male ego and loneliness might drive you to believe so and that is when you become vulnerable. Scammers and gold diggers know all about your sexual fantasies and desire for companionship and to make matters worst, they know how to cater to every single one of these desires.

If you want to make sure you are contacting a legitimate girl, you better be aware of the following tricks. Just like you, many gold diggers might already have their best years behind them. In China, it is a big problem to be old and not be married. Many women, who are looking for a ticket out will try to bypass their age problem by posting older pictures of themselves. Now, if you are smart, you can tell an old picture from a new one by looking at the image quality, style of clothes and so on.

Another thing that some Chinese girls love to do is to use fake profile pictures. They will usually use pictures of Korean or Japanese models and make a fool out of you. You can greatly decrease your chances of falling into this trap by googling the image. Google has an excellent image search, which takes an image as search parameter and returns all the information it can find associated with that image. So, if you Google search the girl’s profile photo and get a bunch of results linking to Korean models and massage girl sites, you know its a scam.

Be aware of profiles with only one stunning picture and very little description. These are usually from women who can’t even write in English. They just want any foreigner… anyone. From this point on, you can assume that everything about them is fake (picture included). So how do you expect to ever have a healthy relationship with such a person?

Once you have successfully contacted the Chinese girl, you might want to confirm her identity by asking her to send you some recent pictures or even scheduling a video call. Again, online dating is not at all a bad thing when done right. Before you hit matchmaking sites, you should give penpal sites a try. These sites usually have a large amount on Chinese female members who are actually looking to contact people from other cultures and make friends. This is a perfect scenario for you to get to know great and educated Chinese women, who will genuinely be thrilled to read what you have to tell. You can exchange emails at first, get to know each other better and then move on to other things.

3. Beautiful girls are everywhere in China: how do I get to meet them?

  • Where to Meet Single Chinese Women

Where do I go and find Chinese girls? This question often comes from so called China rookies, or newcomer-expats in China. Actually, the answer is quite simple. It is the same as in your country, with only one difference.

Whether you come from USA, Europe or Democratic Republic of Congo, it is the same as in your country. You can find them anywhere. Streets, bars, shopping-malls, your workplace or even at your home, if you have a female Chinese roomie of course.

Difference? You are in China, and keep in mind this country has yet to open to the world, so being a foreigner here has its perks. First of all you are unusual. Now, you are the exotic and mysterious one coming from a country far, far away. So, most of the time you will be in the spotlight, even when you are just on your way to buy yourself a breakfast. You can read this article for more tips: Meet Asian women the easy way.

Meeting Chinese Women in bars

We will start with a no-brainer -bars. Just as in, almost, every other country there are different types of bars. If you go to a student bar, there are pretty good chances you will end up empty handed. Student bars is place for packs. Everybody there comes with their crew, and if you are not a part of student life in that part of town, you might as well finish that beer and move on.

Safer bet is to go to one of the exclusive bars in town. Even, Chinese biggest urban dumps have a bar of that sort. So, even if you are stuck for work in some small town, you will be able to find it. Then again, if you are stuck in a Chinese village, you will not have to go to the bar. You will see what we mean.

Anyway, exclusive bars are where more mature, independent Chinese women gather, and they come there exactly for the same reason as you: to find some company. The only downside is that these places are pretty expensive. So prepare yourself for Western prices, if you want to buy a drink for the ladies.

Meeting Chinese Women in the Streets

Yep. It is cheap and possibilities are almost limitless, but there are lots of downsides to it. Most of Chinese girls, like Chinese in general, are pretty shy when it comes to operating in public.

So, if a woman approaches you in the street, she is either a “pro” or a girl who works for a nearby bar. Also, do not approach women on the street, if you have not been invited. Wait until she looks at you, smiles or giggles. That is the time when you should engage.

Meeting Chinese Women in Night Clubs

Clubs in China are a good place to get a one-night stand. Also, if you are going to fancy clubs, before you engage with some girl, take a good look at whom she is with. You do not want to mess with local officials’ or local ‘’businessmen’s’’ girls. Chinese guys might not look much, but they are pretty fast and full of surprises when it comes to fights, and they usually have a help.

If you are going to popular clubs, just go with the flow. But here is the thing: in clubs there is more chance you will end up with a foreign girl than a Chinese one.

Meeting Chinese Women in the Office

If you are the only foreigner in the company, you will get a green light by many girls in your offices. Only problem is that in China, most of the workmates will not approve of your relationship, and bosses will not like it too, especially if you are working for a state company. So what? That is none of their business!, you might say. Well, you will not have trouble, but she will. She might get frowned upon, passed on that promotion she has been waiting for, or as they say it here, be ‘’criticised’’ for her behaviour, we would say disciplined.

Of course, if you two get married, things will get easier. But until you do, get ready for a bunch of office-work related problems. So, be discrete about it. After all it is none of their business. Right?

Meeting Chinese Girls at Language Schools

Here is another no-brainer. You can enroll in one of the classes or look for a tutor. If you enroll in the class then you will be after teachers, which are 99% female. Downside is there are more foreign students than teachers. But hiring a tutor gives you an opportunity to audition and it is cheaper than most language courses.

Flirting With Girls in Tea Ceremony Classes

Now here is an unusual one. China is without a doubt, a country with rich and long cultural tradition and you have come a long way to be here for whatever reason. So, why not kill two birds with one stone – learn something and find the woman of your dreams.

For example, you might take a tea ceremony class. You will be the only foreigner there, and all of the students will be almost all female. So, you will be in the spotlight all the time. If you are worried about language barrier, don’t! It will only make you more charming. The goofy, clumsy foreigner and his big nose trying to make one simple sentence is ultra-cute in every Chinese woman’s eyes. After all, that is how they see us in general.

Meeting Chinese Girls at English Schools

If you are not keen on exploring new cultures through books, you might wanna spread your own culture. Why not teach English? These kinds of jobs are all in the evening, and if you are coming from English speaking countries, especially US and Britain, you will get a job in no time with a nice pocket money and a professor title, which always works with Asian girls.

  • How to meet women in Shanghai

With a population of about 23 million, Shanghai stands out as the most populous city in all of China. It is also a great financial and industrial center that has attracted professionals and tourists from both in and out of the country. Shanghai boasts a very vibrant nightlife offering a large number of night clubs, restaurants and bars all which attract a large female crowd. However one of the main reasons that make Shanghai one of the most ideal places to meet women in China is the fact that it probably has the largest population of single women in all of China. Its fame for being a thriving city has persuaded many girls to make their way there in order to pursue dreams or look for opportunities, which they could not find in their villages of origin. Now that you know the reasons why Shanghai should be your next travel destination, let´s talk about where you can go looking for your future Chinese wife once you are there.

Shanghai offers a myriad of places and buzzing corners to choose from and one of them is bound to match your style. If you are the romantic type and don´t mind spending a few extra bucks in the quest for your oriental dream girl, then you will definitely want to check out Xintiandi. Xintiandi offers an active nightlife on weekdays as well as weekends, though romantic settings are more common than loud music and dance places. It is considered one of the first lifestyle centers in China and is also home to upcoming designer clothes shops and rich young Chinese artists. Xitiandi´s narrow alleys and candle lit bars will take you back in time and provide the perfect setting for you to reel in any one of the beautiful single ladies that are so frequent there. Keep in mind that Xitiandi is a sophisticated and trendy place, so don´t forget to dress accordingly and make sure that the level of your conversation matches as well. Prefer the ladies that are there hanging out with friends and be suspicious of women walking around alone or in pairs.

If you prefer a more active environment, then Hengshan Road will be the place for you. Hengshan Road is a street in the former French Concession of Shanghai. It was for much of the 20th century the center of Shanghai’s premier residential district. Since the 1990s, many of the mansions along the road have been converted into bars, night clubs, and restaurants, and is one of Shanghai’s more vibrant nightlife districts and popular particularly among expatriates. Here you will find well-known night clubs like Phebe and Zapata, which are famous for their Wednesday ladies night. Don´t forget to hit up the vicinity of Fuxing Park, where you can enjoy clubs like Richy and Muse. These are located on opposite sides of the park and since you are not required to pay entrance fees, it might be a good idea to just hit up both clubs in the same night. Choose the girls carefully here. Make sure they are not being escorted. It is common for older rich Chinese men to visit these places with several younger girls. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you keep your distance from them. There are also other two places that are very much worth mentioning. One of them is the MINT. This night club will probably be the most beautiful night club you will ever see. It features a huge aquarium tank infested with sharks and is visited by some of the most beautiful women in all of Shanghai. Once again, make sure you dress accordingly if you want to distinguish yourself from all the other foreigners that usually crowd up this place. If you are looking for something a little different, then Mao Live House in north-western Xuhui district might be your best bet. Apart from the excellent location, Mao Live House offers a unique opportunity for electronic and alternative music lovers to meet. These types of concerts are very rare in Shanghai and attract quite a large crowd of different ages. It is the perfect location to meet more alternative-minded Chinese women who will not just be interested in the size of your wallet.

Although Shanghai is a great place to be and offers a great deal of entertainment, there are certain situations you should avoid. Be aware of women who will suddenly stop you in public to start a conversation. Never accept any invitation from them nor follow them anywhere. This will almost always be a scam designed to lure foreigners into overpriced tea houses or restaurants. While in the night clubs, be suspicious of girls who willingly throw themselves at you. Remember that although many Chinese girls are interested in foreigners, they still have their principles. No family girl would ever offer themselves to a stranger no matter how interesting he may look.

Shanghai, once called the sin city of the orient, is a great foreigner-friendly place to start looking for your new Chinese wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately it also has its potential pitfalls, just like any other metropolis does. Most Shanghai women are money oriented and are willing to work very hard in order to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, there is also a fair amount of gals, looking to take the easy way out. Always be cautious and keep an eye open. Somewhere in this jungle of concrete, the Chinese girl of your dreams is waiting for you.

  • Where to Meet Chinese Girls in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as you could imagine, is a vibrant international cosmopolitan. There are numerous opportunities to meet women from all parts of the world, and of course, many of them are Hong Kong Chinese women who have a very interesting background. Here, I am going to introduce you to some hot spots for meeting interesting Chinese girls in Hong Kong, whom you certainly can’t find in Mainland China.

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong is the center of nightlife in Hong Kong. It is located in Central on Hong Kong Island. If you’re not so sure of your interest in Chinese girls or don’t want to commit to a serious relationship yet, this is the place for you. There are a range of restaurants, bars and clubs for you to choose from. Many Chinese girls you find here are educated at international schools or overseas (especially in the U.K.) so language wouldn’t be a problem! But mind you – people of different age group usually go to different bars or clubs at Lan Kwai Fong, To avoid disappointment, choose the one that’s right for you!


Soho is very close to Lan Kwai Fong (within walking distance). It is located in upper Central/ Mid-levels. If you are tired of hard-core partying, come to Soho. It’s a chilled place for you where you can really just sit down, relax and just chat with who-ever you’re with without shouting out loud! There are many good restaurants and bars in this area. Even if you don’t come at night, come in the morning or afternoon and have a brunch at an alfresco café. You may just find the Chinese girl of your dream sitting right next to you!

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is another good place to go if you’re ready to start a great conversation with Chinese women. Tsim Sha Tsui is located right across the harbour, at the Kowloon Peninsula. This is a more “local” place where you can find Chinese women who are truly from Hong Kong (instead of those very western Chinese girls you find in Central) Besides, this is a rather popular place for people to come have a drink after work. So if you are looking for Chinese women of relatively older age than those in Lan Kwai Fong, this is the place for you.

But of course, places to meet Chinese women in Hong Kong are not only limited to these three places. (Another chilled place that is kind of like Soho would be Stanley at the Southside) Many of my working western friends found their Chinese girlfriend somewhere else – sports clubs, leisure clubs, work place, part-time studies, festivals, etc. Remember : Chances to meet Chinese women in Hong Kong are everywhere!

4. Dating tips that really work… and those you can apply today!

  • How foreigners can impress a Chinese woman

When you first start trying to get a date in China you may think it will be easy, just throw on the charm that always worked back home, spend some money on a girl, and you’re good to go.

This can work, but you’ll likely end up with a Chinese girlfriend who only wants your money, constantly expecting you to buy gifts for her and as soon as you turn off the money faucet she runs away calling you every name in the book. There are better and smarter ways to impress a Chinese girl and start a good relationship.

1. Get on QQ
I know it sounds silly, but many Chinese people think that if you have QQ you must love the culture and that makes you a lot more attractive in their eyes. When I tell Chinese people I have QQ, they act amazed especially young women, and they’ll almost always connect with me. A few weeks ago I gave my QQ number to about 20 men and women at an English corner almost at random. After connecting with most of them, I had five women actually ask if I wanted to meet them for some fun. As soon as I said I was married, they got busy and I never heard from them again.

2. Get her talking 
One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of guys both Chinese and Western is they talk about themselves. Their jobs, how much money they have, how many houses, their education, and it just goes on. Now a lot of Chinese women don’t like talking about themselves at least to men, since it isn’t very humble, but if you can get her to open up a bit, you suddenly become number 1 in her eyes. At that point, just sit back, nod your head and ask an occasional question.

3. Don’t put up with insults
One thing I hate is how Chinese women have been taught that it’s cute to throw temper tantrums. A little bit is fine, but some women take it to extremes, and Chinese men accept it, even finding it cute, so a lot of Western men put up with it. From talking with Westerners and dealing with it myself, if you ignore her when she snaps, or walk away, you will lose a few relationships, but more often the woman will realize you have a backbone and will respect you for it. Don’t get angry, don’t shout back, just walk away and deal with a day of her being angry, then you can talk about it like two adults.

4. Be a gentleman
If you look on the net and watch Chinese couples, the man doesn’t often do the little things that are second nature for a Western gentleman, holding doors open, offering to carry bags without being asked, help her out of a car, etc. At first when you try these things you’ll get a strange look from her, but after a few times, she’ll really appreciate the little things you do.

5. Have her teach you Chinese
This isn’t easy, I’ve been in China for over 6 years and my Chinese is atrocious, but if you ask a girl your interested in to teach you Chinese it will make her weak in the knees. You’re giving her face by letting her be your teacher, you give her a good reason to spend time with you that won’t have her friends laughing and prudish parents yelling at her, and you show respect for the culture. Even if you just learn a few phrases and words it’s enough to make her like you.

So that’s the short list of things you can do to get a Chinese woman to like you. But remember, everyone is different, so start off with these, see how it works and change things as you find out what works on that particular woman.

  • Perfect Gifts for Your Chinese Girlfriend

If you have a Chinese girlfriend or if you have been to China, then you might have noticed that gift giving is a huge thing in Chinese culture. In the West, it is fairly common for people to get by with simple or small gifts. We Westerners believe that the intention is what really counts, but in China people are more interested in the value of things. Cheap gifts might easily be misinterpreted, so be aware that value does count when picking a suitable gift for a Chinese person.

If you have just started a relationship with a Chinese girl, then it might be hard to pick a present which is sure to please her. This is a situation that is true not only for Chinese girlfriends, but for any other woman, with whom you are just beginning to get acquainted.

In short, gifts can be broken down into two categories: gifts for especial occasions and simple everyday gifts. Like all other women, Chinese girls love to receive small random surprises which assure them that you have been thinking about them. These small simple gifts could be a bouquet of flowers, a scarf or even a cute case for their mobile phone. Young Chinese girls adore to act cute and even at their mid 20s, they will still feel attracted to what we Westerners would consider childish children’s cartoon characters. Basically, you can do fairly well by giving them small gadgets or accessories (all in the color pink, of course). Another great gift for your Chinese girl would be a teddy bear. Teddy bears usually end up on women’s beds and will make them think of you every time they go to sleep. This can only be a good thing!

Now, if you would like to impress your Chinese girl a little bit, then consider giving her cosmetics or apparel. Chinese women love shopping for anything, which they believe will make them stand out: artificial eyelashes to make their eyes bigger, some base to make their faces whiter or some platform shoes to make them stand taller. All these things are constantly in their minds and they spend a considerable amount of their productive time shopping for these items on sites like TaoBao. As a matter of fact, many a Chinese company boss would agree their companies income would be even larger if their female collaborators were to spend less time on TaoBao and more time doing some actual work. Speaking of TaoBao, it might even be a great source of gift ideas to impress your Chinese girl. Just browse around the website (even though you might not understand a single word) and you are sure to find hundreds of examples of what Chinese women go for.

Now that we have looked at some simple gift ideas, let’s move on to the very especial gifts. If you really want to impress your Chinese woman, then there is only one type of gift: expensive. Maybe not necessarily expensive, but definitely a well known brand product. These days, China has become the largest market for brand products and Chinese people are very aware of the best brands sold right here in the West. It doesn’t matter if you are in Hong Kong or at the London Heathrow Duty Free Mall, you are sure to see Mainland Chinese lining up to spend big bucks on perfumes, cosmetics, cigarettes and spirits. Chinese women especially love luxury hand bags, as well as Swiss or French cosmetics. Jewelry is, of course, also very popular. If you have money to spend, then you will never go wrong with a nice gold or platinum ring or a Louis Vuitton hand bag. Let’s face it, such gifts are not for every man, so you will be glad to know that even a simple $20 brand perfume or eye liner, should do the trick.

Lucky for most Western men, imported goods are very expensive in China and often cost three or four times more than here in the West. You can use this disparity to your advantage. A $30 brand perfume has a much bigger impact when given to a Chinese lady than to a Western lady. Reason being, that in China it probably sells for a much higher price.

Don’t worry too much about covering your Chinese girl with gifts. A simple gift now and then will be truly appreciated, but your kindness and attention will mean much more to her. Concentrate on making her happy through little things and leave the gifts only for those times when you can really afford them or would like to celebrate an occasion.

  • Guide to Complimenting Chinese Girls

This goes for complimenting any girl, but be specific in your compliment! Chinese girls especially will be ecstatic to hear a specific compliment; for example, don’t just say “You look beautiful today!” Say something like, “That dress is gorgeous, you look beautiful in it!” Pick something very narrow to focus on and use it to transition into a broader compliment.

Don’t be afraid to exaggerate. Subtle comments like “I like your shoes” may just be brushed off as politeness. Instead over exaggerate and make it clear that you are complimenting her! Say something like “I love those heels you are wearing; they make your legs look so long and beautiful!”

Chinese girls can be shy, and will often try to deflect your compliments but don’t back down. A very common way for typical Chinese girlfriends to deflect a compliment is “哪里哪里” “nǎli nǎli” which literally means “where, where?” If she says something like this, just reinforce your compliment. Continuing from the previous example, you can say “Seriously, you look so tall and gorgeous!”

How to Compliment a Chinese Girl

In general, compliments about a Chinese girl’s personality or actions will be more powerful than a compliment about her looks (and often much easier). If she makes a good joke tell her she is very witty (careful to avoid saying ‘funny’, it carries a negative connotation in Chinese), if she tells you something interesting then let her know how smart you think she is, and when she does something silly definitely let her know how cute she is. One simple phrase to compliment a Chinese girl is “你多么可爱!” “nǐ duōme kě’ài” (you are so cute!) Just be careful not to use it too much! Learn some other phrases too!

Being able to say your comment in Chinese will make it that much more powerful, especially if you tell her you learned how to say it just for her! If you speak fluent Chinese or have a better grasp of the language then learn some really good 成语chéngyǔ (anecdotes) to compliment your girl. Chéngyǔ’s can be a very powerful tool when used correctly, but you must truly understand what you are saying! They have extremely narrow definitions and uses; you definitely don’t want to make a mistake here.

Another place where guys often make mistakes with Chinese girls is in the way that they compliment a beautiful girl. You need to understand what Chinese girls think is beautiful before you can develop compliments that really hit home. A few basic things that all Chinese girls focus on are being tall/having long legs, having a very white complexion, a narrow almost triangular face with the point being the chin, and long eye lashes. Complimenting any of these four areas is sure to be effective. Do a little research on what Chinese women find beautiful and focus on those areas when you compliment her looks!

Things to Avoid When Complimenting a Chinese Girl

There are three things you really need to avoid in your speech with traditional Chinese girlfriends. They are: Pick-up lines, jokes, and sarcasm. Especially if you are speaking English with her, these things will often go right over her head. Chinese girls aren’t used to using or hearing that kind of language and usually won’t understand it. Even if you try to say it in Chinese, you might end up hurting her feelings with a sarcastic remark or a silly pick-up line. It is better just to avoid it all together.

Now that you have a better idea of how to compliment a Chinese girl, you have to go out there and try it! This is just a general guide, this won’t apply to every single Chinese girl out there, but it will work in a majority of scenarios. Be yourself, be confident, and be honest, a Chinese girl will be able to tell if you aren’t being genuine.

  • How to surprise a Chinese girl on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Since Chinese Valentine’s Day is, like western Valentine’s Day, a made-up holiday lovingly handcrafted by florists and chocalatiers to plump corporate coffers in the sluggish post-Christmas season, the biggest surprise you can give a Chinese girl on this day is just remembering that there is such a holiday and pretending it is a neat thing rather than One More Hassle. After that, it’s kind of all sauce. How weak or awesome that sauce may be depends entirely on you.

Awesome sauce could include the following ingredients:

Plan to have someone deliver flowers on the day in a place where they will be noticed. This takes a little thought. The point is not just for your dream girl to receive a bouquet of flowers but to receive a bouquet of flowers in front of a bunch of people including the skinny mean girl in accounts receivable who said something bitchy about her shoes that morning.  Chocolates can be included but they are not super-important. Chocolate is not the thing in China that it is in the western world, so err on the side of buying chocolates of questionable quality that are wrapped in gaily decorated packages with ribbons, bows, etc. and are printed with brilliant, witty things like “You’re scrumptious!”
The big meal. Feed her something tasty and expensive in a place that looks nice where she can wear clothing that she doesn’t normally get to wear. You can make it western food if you like, but expect to order for both of you and try to stay away from things that contain a lot of cheese or sour flavors. If you go Chinese, think about what you will order before hand so you don’t just end up ordering kung pao chicken, because that is what every foreigner orders.
After dinner, I suggest that you do something relatively neutral like hit up a movie or go to a park. What you are looking for is not some earth-shattering event that will define you as human beings, but something safe and approachable that you can both talk about later and connect over. This may mean that you need to find a movie that you think is not particularly awesome. Remember, you are not attempting to score cool points by showing how you are totally up on the work of some give obscure director that nobody but you and a bunch of grad school smartypants give a shit about, the point is that you are having an experience together with someone you care about that you then discuss and refer back to as something that you did together as a couple that was fun. You are enjoying each other more than the movie or concert or whatever. So, consider giving the Herzog film festival a miss and going for the latest touch-feely deal with Colin Firth in it.

The obvious: Don’t be a dick. Act like you are having fun and spend a lot of time listening and nodding your head and smiling. Presumably this shouldn’t be too hard since this should be someone that you actually like.

By Zhang Li


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